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GliderPath is a comprehensive workflow management tool created by and for translation project managers.

In our opinion GliderPath is the best value for your money. It has helped us a lot in our efforts to be more efficient, and handle more swiftly larger projects. These are very important aspects, but for us the most important part is that we get fantastic services. We are not just a client, a number somewhere in some files, but our suggestions are taken into consideration, and any issue is solved very quickly.

Tibor Kajtor
Tibor Kajtor Translator and Interpreter, General Manager at Varadinum Grup SRL

How Do the Most Successful Translation Companies Overcome the Challenges the Industry Is Facing Today and Continue to Grow?

We surveyed over 200 companies and individuals asking about their biggest challenges on their day to day business and this is what we've heard:

  • Complexity of current tools

    "I'd like to stop wasting time trying to figure out how to make a tool work for me."

  • Finding qualified translators

    "Choosing the wrong linguist can cost you the project or the customer!"

  • Managing quality and feedback

    "Ideally, I want to come up with an objective way to give feedback to the translators so that they don't feel offended and go to work for somebody else."

  • Managing availability of translators

    "If I could keep track of translators' workload to make sure they are always busy. When you have a good vendor, you have to take care of them."

  • Administration of repetitive tasks

    "Any job regardless of the size requires the same admin time. This is so tedious! Always a pain in the ass..."

  • Tracking of projects and project management

    "I'm even afraid to go on holidays. Knowing that the rest of the team have all the relevant information is crucial for me!"

  • Having information at your fingertips

    "I want to know how much this project means in terms of revenue, how much it means in terms of spend!"

How GliderPath Came to Be


Months of Research


Emails Sent


Business Owners Interviewed


Phone Conversations

We surveyed over 200 companies and individuals asking about their biggest challenges on their day to day business and heard the same story over and over. So we pulled together to build something that will solve these problems for you.

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  • Access Anywhere

    GliderPath is 100% Cloud-Based and can be accessed and used anywhere in the world and from any device with an Internet connection.

  • All in One Place

    Manage your projects, take care of your customers, create quotes, track your incoming and outgoing invoices, take care of your linguists, and stay on top of your quality.

  • Linguists Network

    Take care of your best resources, review their history and capacity, give recommendations and endorsements, and strengthen your relationship with them.

  • Fast and Simple to Use

    GliderPath is crazy fast and easy to use. The modern design and user-friendly interface can save you hours per week. Creating new quotes and projects and tracking progress has never been easier.

  • We Are Here to Help!

    Worried about implementation? We’ve got you covered. We will help you import your translator and customer databases so you can focus on what matters.

  • No Contracts

    Pay per month and upgrade, downgrade or cancel at any time. With GliderPath, you pay for exactly what you sign up for and that’s that. No extras, no under-the-rug, no balderdash…

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